How Do I Start a Successful Block Industry Business in Nigeria? -

How Do I Start a Successful Block Industry Business in Nigeria?

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
April 06, 2023
How Do I Start a Successful Block Industry Business in Nigeria?

How Do I Start a Successful Block Industry Business in Nigeria?

How do I start a successful block industry business in Nigeria? This question is becoming increasingly popular as more and more entrepreneurs realize the potential of this type of business. The block industry business in Nigeria is one of the most profitable, low-cost businesses to start with a good return on investment (ROI).

To start a successful block industry business, you must understand the industry, have access to the right resources and be aware of the legal requirements. Let us look at the steps you must take to start a successful block industry business in Nigeria.

1. Develop a Plan

Starting a block business in Nigeria is a capital-intensive venture, so it’s important to carefully plan and strategize before making any investment decisions. A business plan is integral in propelling the project's success and reducing risk by clearly defining strategies and strategies. The plan should contain detailed information on start-up costs, market research analysis, and desired profits.

Besides market research, writing a business plan can be time-consuming for someone unfamiliar. Therefore, unless you have experience in this area, consider taking advantage of professional business writing services. Benefits include access to experienced marketers and consultants who understand how to craft an effective business plan that resonates with investors while addressing regulatory environments. 

2. Get Enough Capital

Starting any business requires a certain amount of capital for investment to get the ball rolling, and owning a block industry is no exception. The best approach for getting adequate funds for the venture is using your money, thus eliminating the reliance on family, friends, or financial institutions that may be unable to fulfill their end of the agreement due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, suppose you did not have enough capital initially set aside, a suitable alternative is to wait till you can self-fund your business through savings until you raise enough resources. As such, mortgaging properties or turning to loan sharks should be strictly avoided to secure income since this can do more harm than good in the long run.

3. Purchase a Land

Land facing the road is recommended, as it is easy to spot and accessible to customers. In terms of size, it should not be any smaller than half a plot to ensure you will have enough room to accommodate your needs. Security of your land is also important; no one wants their equipment or workers to be in danger due to potential thieves. Investing in some form of security, such as surveillance cameras or a guard, is something everyone should consider if able.

4. Get Equipment

The first equipment used in block-making is the manual block molder or vibrating machine. This machine forms bricks, blocks, and pavers from concrete mix. It mixes and vibrates the concrete at a high frequency, which provides a consistent brick shape.

There are several types of manual block molders, ranging from simple ones to sophisticated industrial machines. You can choose a manual or an electric-powered machine depending on budget and production level.

The wheelbarrow is also essential for transporting blocks from the molder to where they will be stored before being sold. The wheelbarrow makes it easier to move heavy items like bags of cement, gravel for block-making, and other materials around the block-making site without any problems arising. 

5. Hire Workers

Having laborers working in a block industry business is a great asset. They help with the various tasks required to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently and ensure that each task is carried out promptly and accurately. Firstly, they can carry blocks from the vibrating machine to where they are needed in the dry place. This ensures that no stone or block is misplaced or left behind when transporting them elsewhere.

Moreover, as soon as it's time to move the blocks by truck for transport, the laborers will load them up quickly and safely. 

6. Advertise

Advertising plays a key role in the success of any business, and this holds for the block-making industry as well. It is not enough to make your blocks; you need to spread awareness about them to potential customers so they can order from you.

Different advertising methods, such as online advertising or traditional techniques like distributing handbills and posters, could be used. The kind of advertising method ideal for your block-making business will depend on its location. In most cases, the tried-and-tested approach has been to use handbills and posters to share information about the blocks with people in your area.

Is Block Making a Good Business?

Blockmaking is a great business for those entrepreneurs looking to make money in the construction industry. With a small initial investment, you can easily start your block-making business and generate a steady income from your work. There are many advantages to this business model; it requires minimal staff and offers high returns, with some blocks selling for up to five times their production cost.

How Profitable is Block Industry in Nigeria?

How Profitable is Block Industry in Nigeria?

Blockmaking business is highly profitable in Nigeria due to the high demand for materials in the housing industry. Although other materials like iron, concrete, and wood are used to build houses in developed countries, blocks remain a major material of choice for builders and developers in Nigeria.

Also, location is a major factor determining block-making profitability, as it should ideally be located close to areas with active construction activities. Blocks will sell faster in developing locations than in areas that have been entirely constructed. However, setting up a profitable block industry requires quick and effective research into the block market requirements and the types available for sale in your area.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Block Business in Nigeria?

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Block Business in Nigeria?

Starting a block industry business in Nigeria is an excellent way to generate steady income. However, the capital needed to begin this venture can vary depending on the equipment you wish to buy. The manual block molder is the most common option for small-scale businesses and usually costs between ₦30000 to ₦40000.

Yet, the vibrating machine is preferred by medium- and large-scale operations as it is faster than manual molders. These machines are more expensive but have a much higher capacity and can therefore produce more blocks while reducing labor costs.

Furthermore, you must factor in additional costs, such as building premises close enough to supply their market demand. All these investments will depend on which scale of production you want to try.

How Many Blocks Can 1 Cement Make?

The number of blocks a single bag of cement can make depends on the size of the produced blocks. Also, it depends on the equipment used; manual or electric block molder. Using a manual block molder, you're expected to produce about 40 to 50 blocks per bag of cement. On the other hand, an electric block molder is more efficient and can produce up to 50 to 60 blocks per bag of cement. However, this may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, depending on their production methods.

How to Make Profits from the Block Making Business

One of the most effective ways to increase profits in a block industry business in Nigeria is to sell blocks to real estate companies. This will provide a larger customer base and help quickly generate more sales and profit. Real estate companies typically need various building materials, so ensuring your block industry has a wide range of blocks available for sale is important.

Additionally, it is important to update your product offerings regularly so that you don’t miss out on any potential sales opportunities from real estate firms.

Another way to drive profitability in your block industry business is by diversifying. Diversifying your business and selling additional building materials beyond blocks can increase profits significantly, as multiple construction projects occur at any given time throughout the country. Moreover, having access to multiple types of building materials for various projects will help create more opportunities for repeat customers.

However, this approach requires careful planning as not every type of material can be profitable. Depending on what other products you decide to carry, additional costs related to storage and transportation may be incurred, which should be factored into the pricing before offering items for sale.


Block-making business is an excellent way to generate a steady income in Nigeria. However, it requires some capital, equipment, and advertising investment. As a rule of thumb, always choose quality over quantity. This will ensure you can produce the best blocks and attract more customers willing to pay a premium price for quality building materials. 

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