Top 10 Daily income business in Nigeria

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July 24, 2023
Top 10 Daily income business in Nigeria

 Nigeria is a rapidly developing country with enormous economic potential. Despite its challenges, there are numerous business opportunities for entrepreneurs in various sectors. One sector that has gained traction in recent years is the daily income business.

this article will provide insights into the different types of daily income businesses you can start in Nigeria

Daily income businesses refer to small-scale operations that generate income daily. The beauty of these types of businesses lies in their simplicity and flexibility. They don't require significant capital investment or complex infrastructure; rather, they rely on providing essential goods and services to local consumers at affordable prices.

Daily income businesses have become increasingly popular over time in Nigeria, where there is a demand for cost-effective solutions. Suppose you're looking for a way to make extra money or establish a side hustle. In that case, this article will provide insights into the different top 10 daily income businesses you can start in Nigeria.

1. Logistics Business

Logistics Business

The logistics business is a crucial part of the Nigerian economy, especially with the continued expansion of e-commerce. As more individuals and businesses continue to embrace online shopping, there has been a corresponding demand for logistics companies. With this high demand comes an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to invest in logistics.

One significant advantage of starting a logistics company in Nigeria is its massive profitability potential. The industry offers entrepreneurs numerous opportunities to make substantial profits by transporting goods from one place to another at a premium cost. Also, unlike other businesses, logistics companies are recession-proof as people always need products delivered regardless of the economic situation.

With an efficient supply chain network and excellent customer service, entrepreneurs can earn considerable revenue from their logistics business, making it a lucrative investment venture.

2. POS Business

Daily income business in Nigeria

POS is a famous daily income business in Nigeria. One of the key advantages of this business is that you can start it with minimal investment, and it requires no formal education or experience. Anyone with a basic understanding of banking operations and customer service skills can become a successful POS agent.

The daily income potential of the POS business is also very attractive, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a steady source of income. On average, a POS agent earns around 5,000 Naira in profit daily. However, this figure can vary depending on location, transaction volume, and pricing strategy. Nevertheless, as more people embrace cashless transactions and prefer using their cards over cash, the demand for POS services will only grow. 

3. Laundromart

Daily income business in Nigeria

Another profitable daily income business in Nigeria is the laundromat. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in consumer behavior toward outsourcing laundry services. This trend has led to increased demand for laundromats across the country.

Starting a laundromat requires minimal investment compared to other businesses, and it offers entrepreneurs a steady source of income. As the business grows, entrepreneurs can expand their services to include dry cleaning and ironing, providing customers with a more comprehensive laundry solution.

Location is crucial when starting a laundromat, as it should be easily accessible to potential customers. A strategic location near residential areas, universities, and office complexes can increase customer traffic and boost revenue.

4. Uber and Taxi

Daily income business in Nigeria

Being an uber or taxi driver doesn't require formal education or much experience, making it an accessible daily income business in Nigeria. With the rise of ride-hailing services, there is a need for more drivers to meet the growing demand for affordable transportation.

Starting a taxi or uber business requires a vehicle and a valid driver's license. Entrepreneurs can either purchase their vehicles or lease one from car rental companies. The daily income potential of this business can be high, with drivers earning up to 20,000 Naira or more per day, depending on the location and demand.

Entrepreneurs looking to invest in this business should ensure their vehicles are well-maintained and provide excellent customer service to attract and retain customers. 

5. Okada Business

Daily income business in Nigeria

The okada business is also known as the motorcycle business and is a popular daily income business in Nigeria, especially in rural areas. This business involves purchasing a motorcycle and offering transportation services to customers for a fee.

The daily income potential of the okada business can be high, with riders earning up to 10,000 Naira or more per day, depending on location and demand. This business requires minimal investment compared to other businesses and provides entrepreneurs with a steady source of income.

6. Provision and Grocery Store

Daily income business in Nigeria

Running a provision store can be a lucrative business as it caters to the daily household needs of people. From groceries to cleaning supplies, these stores stock everything that one might need regularly. The demand for such stores is always constant, especially in residential neighborhoods or areas with few supermarkets.

Many customers prefer visiting their nearby provision store instead of traveling long distances to buy everyday household goods.

Apart from being an essential source of daily necessities for households, owning a provision store is also an excellent source of income. This business has relatively low startup costs and can generate steady profits if managed efficiently. Moreover, with the growing trend towards online ordering and home delivery services, provision stores have further benefitted as they can provide doorstep deliveries to customers easily.

A well-stocked store with good-quality products can help build customer loyalty and result in frequent purchases, ultimately contributing to increased revenue and profits for the owner. 

7. Chemist Shop

Daily income business in Nigeria

Owning a chemist shop can be a profitable daily income business in Nigeria. The demand for medicines and healthcare products is always high, making it a stable business with growth potential. Chemist shops are essential in providing access to over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, and health supplements.

Entrepreneurs looking to start a chemist shop should obtain the licenses and certifications the government requires. They should also ensure that their store is well-stocked with various medications, supplements, and healthcare products to cater to the diverse needs of their customers.

The daily income potential of a chemist shop can vary depending on the location, size of the store, and customer traffic. However, with good management practices and excellent customer service, entrepreneurs can generate steady profits from this business.

8. Cybercafe

Daily income business in Nigeria

Cybercafes offer printing, photocopying, typing, and online registrations. With the increase in digitization concerning businesses and communication methods, cybercafes have rightly adapted to offer these services.

To start a cybercafé business, you will need essential equipment like computers equipped with internet access, printers, and photocopiers. You may also offer extras like binding facilities or sell stationery items like pens and notebooks. Moreover, cybercafes provide ideal workspaces for freelancers and students who require a professional setting away from their residence or school library.

What makes this business lucrative is its affordability compared to owning a home computer system or printer machine.

9. Food and Restaurant Business

Daily income business in Nigeria

The restaurant and fast food business is a thriving industry in Nigeria that has changed the financial status of many individuals. It involves cooking various dishes to cater to individuals who eat outside their homes, whether at work or just seeking a change in scenery.

You can start without a shop, but having one significantly enhances its credibility and ensures more visibility for customers. Restaurants can serve as a social hub where people gather to enjoy amazing meals while building relationships with friends and family.

Despite the stress of running a restaurant business, its success undoubtedly pays off if it is situated in an appropriate environment with enough foot traffic. With proper marketing strategies, a unique menu, and quality services, running this business could result in high returns on investment.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs passionate about cooking can venture into this business by sourcing local ingredients to prepare authentic Nigerian dishes that would appeal to the taste buds of their customers.

10. Car Wash Business

Daily income business in Nigeria

Due to its low start-up cost and high profitability, the car wash business is a popular and lucrative industry in Nigeria that many entrepreneurs are venturing into. The business requires basic equipment and materials, making it accessible to anyone interested in starting a small-scale enterprise. You can generate consistent revenue from the car wash business with the right location and marketing strategy.

Another advantage of the car wash business is its flexible nature, as it can be operated part-time or full-time. Also, a significant portion of your expenses will go towards acquiring detergents and other cleaning products necessary for washing cars. Access to free or natural water makes the business even more profitable as you won't have to spend money on water supply.

However, it's essential to note that the success of your car wash business depends significantly on your location. Areas with high traffic density and car ownership will provide an excellent market for your services. Overall, investing in the car wash business presents vast potential returns worth considering for aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria.


Nigeria has vast opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start daily-income businesses. The above-listed businesses are just a few examples of the many profitable ventures available in Nigeria. Entrepreneurs can generate steady profits and grow their businesses with hard work, dedication, and smart management practices.

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