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Current Price of cement in Nigeria Today (August 2023 UPDATED)

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
August 04, 2023
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Current Price of cement in Nigeria Today (August 2023 UPDATED)


Price of cement in Nigeria

Price of a bag of cement in Nigeria for April 2023

 This is the price of cement in Nigeria for the month of April 2023 based on surveys gathered from market across Nigeria [UPDATED: 29th of April 2023]

Cement Brand Cement Price
Dangote cement     4650
Elephant Lafarge     4650
Bua cement     470


Price is subject to vary by 100-200 naira depending on how remote your work site is from the city

How much is Cement price in Nigeria?

Cement is a major building material in Nigeria's real estate and construction industry. With an estimated annual consumption of over 20 million metric tonnes, Nigeria is one of the largest consumers of cement in Africa. Nigeria has several cement production plants, including but not limited to:

  • Dangote Cement
  • Lafarge Africa
  • BUA Cement

which are top players in the industry. 

In recent years we have witnessed significant growth in Cement production in Nigeria due to increased demand for infrastructural development and construction activities. However, the industry is also faced with challenges such as high energy costs, inadequate infrastructure, and regulatory issues that have contributed to the current increase in the price of cement in Nigeria today.

And if you are here as a house owner or contracture trying to figure out the actual price of a bag of cement in Nigeria, then you are in the right spot because we have compiled a trusted list of the price of major cement brands in Nigeria which will be updated daily or weekly as there are changes in the market. so stay tuned and scroll along!

Which cement is the best in Nigeria?

For casting, and molding of block and concrete works, Lafarge superset cement is the best option while Dangote cement is the best for plastering and bricklaying.
Depending on the type of construction work at hand, elephant Lafarge and Dangote cement are generally the best options in the market for construction

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