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What Business Can I Start with 50K in Nigeria?

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
September 04, 2023
What Business Can I Start with 50K in Nigeria?


What Business Can I Start with 50K in Nigeria?

Do you have 50,000 Naira burning a hole in your pocket, and you are a youthful Nigerian entrepreneur? Rather than letting it remain idle in your bank account, consider investing it in acquiring a valuable handwork skill that could serve as your business's foundation. Opportunities abound in Nigeria, and acquiring practical skills can pave the way to financial independence and success. This article presents the top 10 handwork skills to learn in Nigeria for 50k, paving the way for you to start your own business.

Top 10 Handwork to Learn in Nigeria

1. Fashion Design

The Nigerian fashion industry is flourishing, making fashion design a potentially lucrative career. Invest the 50,000 in a used stitching machine, materials, and other necessities. You can begin by creating custom garments for clients and expand your brand progressively.

2. Catering and Desserts

Nigeria's demand for catering and confectionery services is constant. That's because of the country's diverse culture and numerous events. So, learning baking and culinary techniques is a great idea. When training is completed, buy ingredients, and market your services for birthdays, weddings, and other events with the money you have. The best thing about this work is that you can start from the comfort of your home.

3. Graphic Design

In the digital era, graphic design abilities are in high demand. Since 50k can't buy a laptop, you can start with your phone and invest in paid tools online.

4. Hairdressing and Barbing

The necessity of a well-groomed appearance among Nigerians makes hair styling and barbering an evergreen industry. Attend a hairdressing course and buy high-quality hair care products and equipment with your 50,000.

5. Bead Crafts and Jewelry Design

Bead making and jewelry design are popular hobbies among Nigerians, who adore accouterments. With fifty thousand Naira, you can buy the materials and equipment necessary to create gorgeous and unique items for sale.

6. Making Soap

Another handwork to learn in Nigeria is Soap Making. Learn the art of soapmaking and invest in high-quality ingredients to produce chemical-free products that appeal to health-conscious consumers.

7. Photography

If you enjoy documenting moments, purchasing a high-quality camera and learning photography techniques. You can provide events, portraits, and even stock photography sales services.

8. Shoemaking and Shoe Repair

Shoes are necessary; mastering shoemaking or shoe repair can be lucrative. Purchase shoemaking tools and materials or open a repair business with 50,000.

9. Interior Design

Interior design is valuable because Nigerians take great pride in their residences and spaces. Invest in learning the art of interior decoration and buy samples and materials to prove your proficiency.

10. Mobile Phone Repairs

In a technology-dominated society, mobile phones are ubiquitous. Mobile phone repair training can be a cost-effective business startup option. When you're done learning, invest in repair equipment and replacement materials to provide services to the community.


In Nigeria, if you have 50,000 Naira and a strong desire to learn, you can get valuable handwork skills and launch your own business. Choosing a skill that corresponds with your passion and the local market's needs is the key to success. Remember that dedication, perseverance, and exceptional customer service will set you apart from the competition as you enter your chosen field.

Therefore, take the first step, invest yourself, and transform your 50,000 into a flourishing business that can pave the way to financial independence and personal satisfaction. Best of success on your entrepreneurial journey and with your studies!

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