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How Can I Become a Web Designer in Nigeria?

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
August 22, 2023
How Can I Become a Web Designer in Nigeria?


How Can I Become a Web Designer in Nigeria

Today, unlike those days, when you need information on a certain topic, you surf the internet. You click to read when you find a suitable website that satisfies your curiosity. And if the website has a great user interface, layout, and graphics, it enhances your experience, making you spend more time. 

The people behind this beautiful experience are web designers. Web designers ensure that the website's aesthetics please you and allow you to enjoy your time. If you have always loved this job and would like to venture into it, you can learn how to become a web designer in Nigeria in this guide.

How Can I Become a Web Designer in Nigeria?

The web design profession is one of the most high-demand jobs in Nigeria. So, imagine having no knowledge and jumping into it; you're bound to fail. To avoid that, let's look at the following steps:

  • Learn the Basics: Any tech skill you would love to try requires you to learn a few programming languages. They include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, as a web designer, you don't have to go as deep as a software developer would.

  • Understand Design: The knowledge of programming languages is only a prerequisite to the main skills you need. You must learn color theory, typography, and more. Also, familiarize yourself with different editing tools, the most popular Adobe Photoshop.

  • Understand Web Development Frameworks: With some knowledge of web development frameworks, your design process becomes easier.

  • Build Your Portfolio: Your portfolio will take you to places you never imagined. So, take care of it by adding your best work to it to impress potential clients. 

How Much Does a Web Designer Make in Nigeria?

The earnings of a web designer in Nigeria and every other country vary. The reason is not far-fetched; it's just that everyone's expertise is not the same. You can't expect a company to pay an entry-level web designer the same amount as an experienced one.

Also, some companies are more established than others. If a company has more clients patronizing them, they have no problem paying their staff more. 

Another factor to consider when estimating a freelance web designer's earnings is the number of gigs they get. It's no fluke that some designers earn much more than others based on presence, networking, and expertise. But the estimated earnings of a website designer in Nigeria is around 100k to 500k monthly.

Is Website Design a Good Career in Nigeria?

Nigeria's web design is not doing too great compared to other advanced countries. But ignoring comparison, Nigerian web designers are making money in the country. Since the job is in high demand, there are always a lot of jobs to do; thus, earnings are continuous.

Where Can I Study Web Development in Nigeria?

Several online platforms offer different courses on courses, including web development. Even as a Nigerian, you don't have to bother since they're always available to all. These platforms include Udemy and freecodecamp, Torilo Academy, The Knowledge Academy,  and more.


You can't go wrong as a web designer in Nigeria. Even if you might not be earning a high salary for now, there's a high potential for that as you increase your skills.

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