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How to Start Graphic Designing in Nigeria

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
August 22, 2023
How to Start Graphic Designing in Nigeria
How to Start Graphic Designing in Nigeria

 Let me take you back to when people only depended on words of mouth referrals to advertise or pass messages. Looking back explains how much life has changed, even if it didn’t look stressful. Thanks to technology, things have become more advanced. With some graphic design software, creating visually appealing content for any purpose has become easier. But since knowledge can't fall on anyone suddenly, it still requires some learning. Here, we'll discuss how to start graphic designing in Nigeria. But remember that before anything, you must have acquired the necessary skills. 

How to Start Graphic Designing in Nigeria

  • Survey: You'll do yourself a great favor by running a survey before making decisions. Especially when it comes to business, a survey reveals many things you wouldn't have discovered normally. They include the market, profitability, demand, and more.

  • Get Skills: As I said in the introduction, you won't gain knowledge by waiting. You must take action! Thank goodness you don't have to meet anyone to learn graphic design. You'll find several courses online that will guide you through every step. Again, one beautiful thing about these courses is that you'll be given a certificate upon completion.

  • Write a Plan: A business plan comprises your strategies, budget, and other important things. It's important to have one for a specified direction.

  • Start and Advertise: You need a strong presence, most importantly online, to gather customers. If you offer great services, leave the rest to your loyal customers to handle; there will always be referrals.

How Much Does a Graphic Designer Make in Nigeria?

There is no one-size fit answer to this question. Often, graphic designers work independently as freelancers. For those hired by companies directly, it depends on the company size, the designers' experience, and even location. But if we're to give an estimate on the earnings of company designers, we can place it around 200-300k.

Looking at the freelancers, it depends on how many gigs they get monthly. If a graphic designer has several positive reviews online, they will most likely get more gigs than someone with no review. As such, they might earn around 200k or even more monthly.

How Much Does It Cost to Learn Graphic Design in Nigeria?

The fees vary, as it depends on the advancement of your course. However, the estimate is around 20k to 500k. You can research different academies and their courses, then weigh the prices to see the most worthy one.

The good thing about most of these academies is that you don't have to pay the fees simultaneously; it's mostly in stages. So, when you learn a stage, you can take a break to gather money for the next.

Who is the Best Graphics Designer in Nigeria?

The term "best" is subjective; thus, it can vary. While we may not be able to list one person as the best, we can list a few top designer firms in Nigeria. They include DODO Agency, DBO Agency, and Feman Media Agency.

Where Do Graphic Designers Work in Nigeria?

Graphic designers can work anywhere from organizations to being independent. In fact, most graphic designers work independently, shuffling from one freelance platform to the other. You'll find them on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.


Graphic design is one of the most high-demand jobs in Nigeria. Companies need them to create logos, flyers, and more regularly. We hope this post has helped you understand it better if you're looking into it as a profession.

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