Soya Beans Producing States in Nigeria

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April 25, 2023
Soya Beans Producing States in Nigeria


Soya Beans Producing States in Nigeria

Are you wondering which states in Nigeria are among the leading producers of soya beans? Do you want to know more about how it has become popular as one of Nigeria's staple crops?

Soya beans are a type of legume full of nutrients and can be processed into various food products. Nigerians enjoy soya beans because they are low-cost and highly nourishing, making them a popular addition to meals across the country.

Nigeria produces most of its soya beans in an area known as the Grain Belt, stretching from the northern to southern parts of the country. This article will look at what information is available regarding specific states and their production levels of this important crop in Nigeria. We'll examine why soya bean production is important for the nation, what top-producing states there are, and what roles local farmers have in helping meet demand across the country.

1. Kaduna

Soya Beans Producing States in Nigeria

Kaduna is the leading state in soya bean production in Nigeria. The state is estimated to produce over 50% of the country's total output. Kaduna has a favorable climate for growing soya beans, and its farmers have access to modern agricultural techniques and inputs. This has enabled them to increase their yields significantly in recent years.

Also, the Kaduna state government has launched an initiative in partnership with Golden Agri Inputs, an agro-allied firm, to support farmers in the state. The project aims to increase the production of maize and soybeans with higher quality and competitive pricing.

2. Benue

Soya Beans Producing States in Nigeria

Benue State is the leading producer of soybeans in Nigeria, generating an annual total of over 100 metric tons, which accounts for roughly 30% of Nigeria's overall soybean output. The state keeps progressing in its crop production thanks to its several supporters.

The Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) is helping to support youth-led enterprises in Benue State to access finance and scale up their soybean production. The activity has provided training and connections between producers and financial institutions to enhance agribusiness performance and improve access to finance.

One of the beneficiaries of this program is Agojo Farms Ltd, a youth-owned soybean farm that has received training on microenterprise fundamentals, group dynamics, and leadership.

3. Taraba

Taraba State is also one of Nigeria's top soya beans producing states. In 2020, the Taraba state government took a major step towards tackling poverty by providing 22,000 soybean farmers with a 500 Million Naira soft loan. Governor Darius Ishaku announced this initiative at the flag-off of distributing farm inputs and seedlings to Soya Bean farmers. 

The soft loan is part of an accelerated soybeans production program that aims to create wealth for farmers and reduce poverty in Taraba state. Also, the soya bean farmers have expressed gratitude towards the government for this initiative, which will help them increase their yields and improve their livelihoods. 

4. Jigawa

Soybean production in Jigawa State, Nigeria, has the potential to be a significant contributor to the local economy. Jigawa State has favorable conditions for soybean cultivation, including fertile soil and a suitable climate, with abundant rainfall in some areas.

However, soybean production in Jigawa State currently needs to be improved by several factors. One of the main challenges is the need for more access to quality inputs, such as seeds and fertilizers. Farmers in Jigawa State also face competition from other crops, such as maize and groundnuts, which are more widely grown in the region.

Despite these challenges, there is a growing interest in soybean farming in Jigawa State. But the government, private sector, and development organizations are working together to provide training and support to farmers.

5. Kebbi

Another soyabean producing state in Nigeria is Kebbi. Kebbi State is a state located in the northwestern region of Nigeria. Sokoto State borders it to the northwest, Niger State to the northeast, Zamfara State to the west, and Katsina and Jigawa states to the south. The state is primarily rural, with agriculture being the main source of livelihood for the local population.

Thus, it's understandable that soybean farming is prevalent in Kebbi State. Also, the state government has encouraged farmers to cultivate soybeans by providing them with improved seeds and fertilizers. Furthermore, the government has also provided training to farmers on how to maximize their yields and improve their livelihoods.

6. Kwara

Kwara state has a long history of soybean production. The state is located in the middle belt of Nigeria and has a favorable climate for soybean cultivation. Soybeans are grown mainly by smallholder farmers who use traditional cultivation methods.

Some studies were conducted in Kwara state to assess the potential of soybean production. The results showed that most farmers had no formal education and cultivated only a hectare of land for soybean production.

The analysis of the costs and benefits revealed that soybean cultivation was highly profitable, yielding a return rate of over 60% and a net income of about 9000 naira. Additionally, the regression analysis showed that soybean production was determined by farm size in hectares and seed quantity in kilograms.

7. Plateau

Plateau State is located in the middle belt of Nigeria and is one of the country's leading soybeans producers. The state has a favorable climate for soybean cultivation, with abundant rainfall and fertile soil.

Every soybean product is used in Plateau, ranging from tempeh, tofu, and soy milk to soy sauce and soybean oil. Soybeans are also used in animal feed production and for human consumption.

Furthermore, the state government has encouraged farmers to cultivate more soybeans by providing them with improved seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs. 

8. Sokoto

Sokoto is located in the northwestern region of Nigeria and is one of the country's leading soybean producers. The state has a favorable climate for soybean cultivation, with hardworking farmers ready to take its production to the next level.

9. Zamfara

 Zamfara is one of the states with high soybean profitability in Nigeria. A study assessed the profitability of soybean production among small-holder farmers and the impact of an agricultural program called ZACAREP. They selected 600 soybean farmers from four local governments through the multistage procedure. Also, the researchers collected data through a well-structured questionnaire administered to the respondents. 

The results showed that there was a significant difference between participation on cost; (₦66978.9) and non-participation farmers (₦36,232.7), while the return indicated ₦146, 221.1, and ₦41,337.9, respectively, for participating and non-participating farmers. This suggests that the ZACAREP program has positively impacted the profitability of soybean production among small-holder farmers in Nigeria as it has increased their returns significantly compared to those who did not participate in the program.

10. Bauchi

Soybean farming is so much cherished in Bauchi that even women now learn its farming practices. The Mennonites Economic Development Associates (MENA) has recently launched a training program for women farmers in Bauchi, Dass, and Toro local government areas to teach them about soya beans farming, storage, and value addition.

The project is part of the Nigeria Way Project, which aims to empower 16,000 women and youth agro-processors in the rice, groundnuts, and soya beans value chain in Bauchi State. 

11. Oyo

Oyo is the last on our list of soya bean producing states in Nigeria. The state is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria and is known for its vast agricultural potential. Soybean production in Oyo State has been increasing over the years, with farmers taking advantage of the favorable climate and soil conditions to cultivate this crop.


Nigeria is home to several states that are major producers of soya beans. These states include Plateau, Sokoto, Zamfara, Bauchi, and Oyo. Each state has a favorable climate for soybean cultivation and provides farmers with improved seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs to increase their production. 

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