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Which business is trending now in Nigeria? [2024]

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
January 19, 2024
Which business is trending now in Nigeria? [2024]


Which business is trending now in Nigeria?

Remember that year when everyone and their aunty were jumping on the dropshipping trend? Yeah, good times... and good profits for those who jumped on the trend early. But let's be real, 2024 is a whole new ball game, and if you're still stuck in the dropshipping groves, you might just trip over the next big thing.

So, forget the trendy, grab the money-making, and let's crack open the code on which businesses are actually popping off in Nigeria right now. Buckle up, fam, this is gonna be a bumpy (but lucrative) ride!

1. Tech: 

Naija Tech bros will give Elon Musk a run for his money, there's a new sheriff in town – Nigerian tech entrepreneurs. From building mind-blowing apps to solving problems with code like nobody's business, these tech wizards are turning ideas into empires. Think AI solutions for farmers, fintech platforms smoother than Fela's grooves, or educational apps making school as exciting as Afrobeats. If you've got the skills and the hustle, the tech tornado is waiting to lift you off.

2. E-commerce:

Remember when online shopping was just for booking flights? Those days are gone, my friend. E-commerce is the Beyonce of Naija businesses right now, slaying with everything from fashion finds to fresh groceries delivered to your doorstep. And it's not just big wigs – small businesses are joining the party too, setting up online shops and reaching customers across the country. So, dust off that entrepreneurial spirit and get ready to build your e-commerce empire!

3. Green energy and agriculture: 

Forget oil, sustainability is the new black gold (and we're not just talking about Asoebi!). From solar panel installation to organic farming, businesses that help people go green are sprouting faster than okro after rain. Think recycling initiatives, eco-friendly fashion brands, or even apps that connect people with local farmers. If you're passionate about the planet and a bit of green in your pocket, this is your time to shine.

4. Wellness:

Forget six-packs, self-care is the new abs. Nigerians are saying "yes" to mental health, healthy eating, and all things good vibes. This means businesses like yoga studios, meditation apps, healthy food delivery services, and even natural beauty products are thriving. So, if you've got a knack for helping people find their inner peace (and maybe shed a few pounds along the way), hop on the wellness wave!

5. Entertainment:

Nollywood ain't the only game in town! Nigeria's entertainment industry is booming, with everything from gaming cafes to social media skits. Think virtual reality experiences, influencer marketing agencies, or even event planning for that next epic owambe. If you've got the creativity and the connections, the entertainment industry is waiting to give you a standing ovation.


Naija is a land of hustle and heart, and the possibilities are endless. So, don't just follow the trends, find your passion, grab your phone (because let's be real, everything starts online these days), and get ready to build your own business space. 

And there you have it, folks! 5 businesses that are hotter than jollof rice on a Sunday. Now go forth and conquer, and remember, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your internet connection).

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