Top 5 Best Handworks in Nigeria -

Top 5 Best Handworks in Nigeria

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
September 17, 2023
Top 5 Best Handworks in Nigeria


Top 5 Best Handworks in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country filled with various talented citizens. Even while educated, Nigerians are always interested in learning handwork to boost their income. If you're also considering learning one, it's fine, as we've outlined the five best handworks in Nigeria in this article. Follow along as we go into Nigerian craftsmanship!

1. Adire Making

Adire is the traditional Yoruba hand-dyed fabric technique. It is an enthralling and rewarding skill to learn in Nigeria. Its history spans centuries, and the craft is still alive and well today. Learning Adire provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with Nigeria's rich cultural heritage and creative tradition.

As an aspiring artist, you can learn intricate tie-dye techniques. These involve binding, folding, or stitching fabric to produce captivating patterns. Natural dyes from indigo plants and other organic components are used in the process, giving Adire its distinctive deep blue hues.

Further, the revival of Adire in current design has created opportunities for entrepreneurs. They can build successful businesses in both domestic and foreign markets. Finally, with adire-making skills, you can help preserve and promote Nigeria's cultural identity.

2. Plumbing

One of the best handworks in Nigeria is plumbing. Since Nigeria is still developing, more people are upgrading to use more infrastructure. As a result, there's a high demand for professional plumbers. In fact, plumbing is not only applicable to homes, they are an absolute necessity in other buildings too. 

Plumbers ensure efficient water supply, sanitation, and drainage systems. They also promote public health and cleanliness. Since everyone needs water in their buildings, it ensures a consistent stream of job and income opportunities.

Plumbing is also a diverse profession. You can operate independently as an entrepreneur or employee of existing plumbing organizations. Whichever route you choose, you can become recognized if you're passionate about it. 

3. Photography

Photography is one of the best handiwork in Nigeria. Talented photographers showcase Nigeria's rich culture, scenery, and people. This boosts awareness about its legacy and promotes tourism. 

Also, with the increasing need for professional photographers for events, fashion, and media, photography has become a vibrant sector combining artistry with technical skills.

4. Hair Styling

In Nigeria's beauty sector, hair styling is highly regarded. It involves barbing and hairdressing. Skilled barbers make fashionable haircuts for men. And hairdressers create sophisticated hairstyles for ladies that mirror the latest fashion trends in the country. 

With such many fashion-conscious people, these specialists improve personal appearance and promote self-confidence. Thus, hair styling is an important and popular handwork in Nigeria.

5. Face Makeover

The last on our list of the five best handworks in Nigeria is face makeover. It's becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria's beauty and entertainment industries. Makeup artists change people's faces several times, enhancing natural beauty and creating fascinating styles. These occasions include weddings, parties, films, and fashion shoots.

Also, social media and celebrity culture have increased the demand for face makeover artists. Thus, this handwork has become a lucrative and necessary element of Nigeria's beauty and entertainment scene.


The top 5 best handworks in Nigeria exemplify its rich cultural heritage and dynamic embrace of modernity. These crafts have stood the test of time and evolved to meet the demands of contemporary aesthetics and industries.

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