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How Do I Get Paid Surveys in Nigeria?

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
September 16, 2023
How Do I Get Paid Surveys in Nigeria?


How Do I Get Paid Surveys in Nigeria?

In the ultra-modern digital age, earning more profits through paid surveys has become an accessible and popular choice for many people in Nigeria. Participating in paid surveys allows you to share your reviews while getting rewarded. This post will guide you on finding paid surveys in Nigeria and reveal the nice-paying sites to maximize your earnings.

Finding Paid Surveys in Nigeria

To begin your journey into paid surveys, you want to know where to find legitimate survey opportunities. Here are some powerful ways to locate paid surveys in Nigeria:

  1. Online Survey Panels: Many online survey panels cater especially to Nigerian citizens. Those platforms connect you with businesses and research groups searching for consumer opinions. Some famous survey panels in Nigeria include Opinion World, SurveySavvy, and Toluna.

  2. Mobile Apps: Consider downloading survey apps on your phone or tablet. Many survey platforms have dedicated cellular apps that make it handy to participate in surveys on the go. Apps like Mobrog, Triaba, and i-Say (previously known as Ipsos i-Say) are examples of reliable options.

  3. Market Research Organizations: Keep an eye on market research businesses in Nigeria. They often conduct surveys on behalf of various brands and companies. Registering with those research firms opens up extra survey possibilities.

  4. Social Media and Boards: Be part of online groups, boards, and social media businesses focusing on earning profits in Nigeria. Members often share their stories and tips for paid survey opportunities.

What is the Best Paying Site in Nigeria? 

Among the various paid survey systems available, one stands out as the fine-paying website online in Nigeria: "SurveySavvy." SurveySavvy is a good worldwide survey panel that gives a wide range of surveys to its participants in Nigeria. Here's why it is considered the best-paying website:

  • High-Paying Surveys: SurveySavvy gives surveys with competitive repayment. Contributors can earn everywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per survey. But it depends on the duration and complexity of the questionnaire.

  • Regular Survey Opportunities: Unlike websites with limited survey opportunities, SurveySavvy often updates its inventory. This shows you have a higher chance of qualifying for surveys regularly.

  • Referral Program: SurveySavvy features a sturdy referral software that allows you to earn greater earnings by inviting buddies and family to enroll in the platform. Each time your referrals complete surveys, you receive a percentage of their earnings.

  • Price and Rewards: SurveySavvy gives diverse payout options and coin bills through PayPal. The platform also gives periodic sweepstakes and contests, increasing your chances of prevailing interesting prizes.

  • Trusted and Secure: SurveySavvy has a long-status reputation as a reliable survey site, ensuring your records and personal data remain comfortable.


Paid surveys are an excellent way to make more money in Nigeria. Using proper platforms like SurveySavvy and following the suggestions to discover legitimate surveys, you can maximize your income while sharing your valuable opinions with brands and groups. Begin your survey adventure today and experience the benefits of earning from the comfort of your own home.

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