How Do I Become a Fashion Designer in Nigeria? -

How Do I Become a Fashion Designer in Nigeria?

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
September 04, 2023
How Do I Become a Fashion Designer in Nigeria?


How Do I Become a Fashion Designer in Nigeria?

Some days when you step out for your daily bread or just a stroll, you're likely to admire at least one person's fashion style and sense. While you may appreciate their beauty and how they killed the look, it's all kudos to the fashion designers. Fashion designers perform a lot of magic on dresses behind the scenes. Thanks to them, we can look smart, elegant, and confident in our clothing, which is enough to keep us going. If you've also picked an interest in this profession, you'll learn a lot here. This guide puts you through everything you need to become a fashion designer in Nigeria.

How Do I Become a Fashion Designer in Nigeria?

You must go through several steps to become a fashion designer in Nigeria. Here are the most important:

  • Research: Even when you know you love fashion design, there are many other things you don't know yet. But with research, these things unfold, helping you in further decision-making.

  • Choose a Niche: Fashion design is in several niches. Some include men's clothing, DIY, luxury design, women's clothing, etc. Whichever you choose determines where and whom to learn from.

  • Learn: The world has become so advanced you can learn fashion design in fashion schools. Gone are the days when the only option people had was through apprenticeship. Weigh your options and choose the one that suits you more.

  • Create a Business Plan: Once your training is completed, it's time to become your boss. However, the journey might be a rough one without proper planning. Take a pen and paper and outline your plans, including budget, location, brand name, etc.

  • Be Creative: Before promoting your business, it would be wise to consider being creative. Do things other designers haven't done before. This makes potential clients want to try something new, hoping you'll give them.

  • Promote Your Business: Life has become easier since you can promote your business online through social media. Open a business page on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then, keep posting your content for potential clients to see. Another way to get to them faster than usual is to run advertisements on your posts. This draws customers from different parts of the world to your page. And if they like what they see, they patronize and even refer you; it depends on your services.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Fashion Design in Nigeria?

The cost of learning fashion design in Nigeria varies, depending on your preferred niche and school. But if we're to give an estimate, that would be around 100k to 500k. 

On the other hand, if you were to go the apprenticeship route, it would be much cheaper; around 50k to 200k.

Who is the No. 1 Fashion Designer in Nigeria?

People in the fashion industry and all over the nation have different opinions about the best designer in Nigeria. So, we might not be able to give a definite answer to that. However, the top fashion designers in Nigeria include Zizi Cardow, Deola Sagoe, Yemi Osunkoya, Lola Faturoti, etc.

Where Can I Study Fashion Design in Nigeria?

Several universities in Nigeria offer fashion design courses, including Bowen, Covenant, and Unilag. However, if you prefer an academy, we have Isme Couture, Ginani, House of Joyce, and many more.


Fashion design thrives well in Nigeria, as almost everyone is a fashion enthusiast. If interested, grab the opportunity and become a renowned fashion designer!

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