Lucrative Business in Lagos with Small Capital -

Lucrative Business in Lagos with Small Capital

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
July 22, 2023
Lucrative Business in Lagos with Small Capital

Lucrative Business in Lagos with Small Capital

As Nigeria's economic center, Lagos provides many business options for budding entrepreneurs. The city offers a welcoming atmosphere for starting a business. Thanks to its thriving market, active populace, and expanding middle class. 

This post will discuss various lucrative businesses in Lagos with small capital. Even if you can't start big for now, these small businesses will surely take you places.

1. E-commerce

In the current digital era, e-commerce has changed the game for business owners. You can reach a big customer base by opening an online store without a physical presence. You can promote and sell various products, including clothing, electronics, cosmetics, and home furnishings. This is possible by using well-known social media networks and pre-existing online marketplaces. 

In Lagos, an e-commerce business can make considerable profits with a well-implemented marketing plan, first-rate customer care, and effective logistics.

2. Food Delivery Services

In Lagos, demand for food delivery services has significantly increased. This offers business owners a lucrative chance to launch a modest food delivery service. You can serve a wide selection of food and satisfy the varying tastes of the city's population by collaborating with neighborhood eateries or cooking your meals. 

To simplify ordering, use well-known platforms for meal delivery till you can afford to create yours. A meal delivery service can quickly turn profitable with effective operations and a focus on client pleasure.

3. Event Planning

Lagos has a thriving social scene with a steady stream of conferences, parties, weddings, and corporate events. Starting an event-organizing business can be profitable if you are organized and creative. You can build a reputation for giving unforgettable experiences by providing services specifically targeted to different event kinds and offering excellent event management. 

Developing a network of suppliers and vendors will further improve your business prospects in this booming sector.

4. Mobile Phone Accessories

Lagos has a sizable smartphone user base, which has created a sizable market for mobile phone accessories. With a rather cheap initial investment, like 50k, you can sell cases, chargers, headphones, and screen protectors. To meet the desires of tech-savvy customers, choose strategic locations with strong foot traffic. 

Adopting the proper marketing strategy and offering reasonable prices, your mobile phone accessory business can succeed in Lagos.

5. Car Wash Service

As Lagos people's time demands grow, offering handy services like car washes can be quite lucrative. Create a car wash service that caters to people who are too busy or lack the resources to clean their cars. 

Make sure your service involves meticulous cleaning and attention to detail. Then, select a strategic location close to residential areas or commercial hubs. You may build a devoted clientele and a successful car wash business by continually providing high-quality service.


Lagos presents a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs with limited capital. By tapping into the city's diverse and growing market, you can establish profitable ventures in e-commerce, food delivery services, event planning, and mobile phone accessories. However, success depends on thorough market research, strategic planning, and commitment.

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