Best Food Delivery Apps in Lagos -

Best Food Delivery Apps in Lagos

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
July 21, 2023
Best Food Delivery Apps in Lagos


Best Food Delivery Apps in Lagos

Food delivery apps have become a lifeline for busy folks seeking convenience in Lagos, where time is of the essence. This post looks at the best food delivery apps in Lagos, highlighting the greatest options for hassle-free online ordering. We'll answer often-asked topics like which app is best for online meal delivery, whether Uber Eats is available in Lagos, and which platform provides the fastest delivery.

Which App is Best for Online Food Delivery? 

Several apps for online food delivery in Lagos have acquired popularity due to their dependability, broad restaurant selection, and user-friendly interfaces. Here are the top three candidates:

  • Jumia Food: One of Lagos's most well-known and commonly used food delivery is Jumia Food. This simple mobile app provides a seamless ordering experience for many restaurants. It also caters to all tastes and budgets, offering everything from quick nibbles to exquisite dining alternatives.

  • Bolt Food: Bolt Food is an outgrowth of the popular ride-hailing service Bolt (previously Taxify). It has quickly established itself in the Lagos food delivery sector. And it provides a convenient and dependable way to satisfy your appetites, with affordable delivery fees and a growing selection of partner restaurants.

  • Glovo: With its growing presence in Lagos, Glovo has become a popular choice for food delivery. With a diverse selection of restaurants and efficient delivery, Glovo ensures that Lagosians can enjoy their favorite meals easily and conveniently. 

Does Lagos Have Uber Eats? 

Yes! Lagos has Uber Eats. Though it started in 2014 in the United States, it has gone on to expand its business around the world. 

Which Food App Has the Fastest Delivery?

According to research, Uber Eats is continuously regarded as the food delivery app with the quickest delivery carrier. The app's sizeable presence and usage of Uber's great transportation community contribute to its ability to supply orders to clients swiftly. Uber Eats has strategically partnered with many restaurants. Hence, it has ensured extensive alternatives and decreased transport instances. 

Also, their superior technology optimizes route planning and order allocation to drivers, ensuing in faster deliveries. This efficiency makes Uber Eats a favored desire for the ones seeking prompt and reliable food delivery offerings in various cities, including Lagos.

While Uber Eats is the quickest food transport app, Glovo is the second fastest. Glovo's efficient delivery system and a significant fleet of couriers permit them to deliver orders unexpectedly to clients in Lagos and the different towns in which they function. As a result, Glovo has received recognition as a reliable alternative for those looking for brief and convenient meal deliveries. So, it's a strong contender inside the aggressive food shipping marketplace.


There are many food apps in Lagos. Jumia Food, Uber Eats, and Glovo are among the leading rivals, providing diverse cuisines and dependable delivery services. Use the convenience of these apps to enjoy excellent meals from the comfort of your Lagos home or office.

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