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How to Get a Business Loan in Nigeria

Sodiq J. Sodiq J.
July 04, 2023
How to Get a Business Loan in Nigeria

How to Get a Business Loan in Nigeria

Not everyone prefers to dress corporate for a 9 to 5 job daily. Some people aspire to start their enterprises and be their bosses. However, although some have the resources to launch one, most have nothing. If you're among those who want to start a business with no capital, this post will show you how to get a business loan in Nigeria.

1. Determine Your Loan Requirements

The first step is determining your loan needs. How do you start? Start by evaluating the finance requirements for your company and estimating your needs. Whether it's working capital, purchase of equipment, or growth ambitions, it doesn't matter.

Before approaching lenders, you must clearly understand your financial demands.

2. Research Available Loan Options

The next step in how to get a business loan in Nigeria is to research available loan options. You'll find several lenders, both reliable and scam. So, investigate all the lenders and financial organizations in Nigeria that provide loans. 

Potential sources include conventional banks, microfinance institutions, online lenders, and government-backed credit programs.

Find the loan that you by investigating its conditions, interest rates, and repayment options.

3. Prepare a Comprehensive Business Plan

A well-organized business plan is essential. So, create one with an overview of your business model, market study, financial predictions, and payback plan. With a strong business plan, you can persuade lenders of your company's potential and prove your ability to repay the loan.

4. Gather Necessary Documentation

Get ready with the necessary paperwork to support your loan application.

These include your company plan with projected financials and tax identification number. It also includes a valid form of identification, bank statements, and audited financial statements.

To be well-prepared, go with collateral paperwork and your business registration documents.

5. Check Eligibility Criteria

Another step on how to get a business loan in Nigeria is checking if you're eligible. This is to ensure you fulfill the standards of possible lenders. Factors including business history, credit history, income, profitability, collateral, and loan purpose are considered. Before moving forward with the application, fill in any gaps or places that need improvement.

6. Improve Your Creditworthiness

You may keep your credit score high by promptly repaying existing debts and invoices. Before requesting a loan, work to raise your credit score if it is poor. Your creditworthiness can be improved by making on-time payments and paying off existing debt.

7. Approach Lenders and Submit Applications

Contact the selected lenders and inquire about their loan application process. Some lenders prefer online applications, while others may need in-person meetings. Fill out the application forms accurately and submit them with the necessary documentation.

8. Evaluate Loan Offers

The last step to getting a business loan in Nigeria is to check loan offers. Once you receive loan offers, compare the terms and conditions. These include interest rates, repayment periods, fees, and collateral requirements. Also, consider the overall cost of borrowing. Then, select the loan offer that best aligns with your business needs and financial capabilities.


Getting a business loan in Nigeria requires thorough preparation and understanding of the application process. Following these steps can enhance your chances of securing the financing needed to drive your business forward. Careful planning, diligent execution, and financial responsibility are key to a successful loan application.

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